Transitioning Your Baby To Table Food

We started Charlie Beth on purees when she was around five months old, but she never really took to them. I spent hours buying fresh produce, cutting, steaming, pureeing and packaging her food, and some days she wouldn't eat more than a spoonful or two all day. She was quite content getting her nutrients from nursing, so I eventually gave up and let her take the lead. Right before she turned eight months she started to take interest in the foods that Steven and I would eat. I would try to give her spoonfuls of pureed food while we ate dinner, but she only wanted what we were eating. We started giving her tiny pieces of soft foods, and she was hooked on table foods from then on out. 
I was so glad that she was finally taking an interest in foods, but I also had intense anxiety over choking. Poor Charlie Beth could barely pick up her food and put it in her mouth because I cut everything into such small pieces. I knew that I would eventually have to start giving her bigger bites, so I began researching foods that she would have the easiest time chewing and swallowing. After a couple of weeks we progressed onto new flavors and textures. Now, at ten months old, Charlie Beth is eating basically everything that Steven and I eat. I'm constantly amazed at how much her meals resemble that of a child's meal. Where did my tiny baby go?! 

One thing that stressed me out most when starting table foods was trying to figure out what to feed Charlie Beth. Other than "something soft she won't choke on," I had no idea where to start! I wanted to ensure that my baby was eating as healthy as possible, so I try to stick to natural and organic whenever possible. Slowly but surely I started compiling a list of foods as she tried them. Below are examples 
Avocado cut into small bite size pieces
Banana cut into small bite size pieces
Sweet potato fries cut into small bite size pieces
Softened diced vegetables
Bread cut into small bite size pieces
Scrambled eggs** 
Fruit cut into small bite size pieces
Pancakes cut into small bite size pieces
Peanut Butter Sandwiches cut into small bite size pieces**
Spaghetti cut into small bite size pieces
Cheese cut into small bite size pieces
Pulled pieces of meat such as chicken, turkey, and pork
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
**Talk to your pediatrician before introducing your baby to known allergens such as eggs and nuts. 

As you can see, there is a lot of variety in the foods that Charlie Beth eats on a daily basis. There really isn't much that we eat that we don't let her have. That being said, Steven and I have really had to clean up our diet. It's important to me that Charlie Beth gets wholesome and, whenever possible, organic foods. I believe it's imperative that we start healthy eating habits now so that they will hopefully carry on with her for the rest of her life. That being said, I'm thankful to have products like Annie's Homegrown easily accessible at my local grocery store. As a busy mom, I don't have time to drive all over town just to buy groceries. Annie's Homegrown helps our family to eat better and live more responsibly without having to sacrifice taste. 
Are you ready to start your little one on table foods? Head to your local grocery store and try Annie's Homegrown products for yourself.


Fleming's Steakhouse "100 Wines. One Summer." {{Plus A Giveaway}}

Last Saturday evening my mom and I had the opportunity to sneak away for a girl's night and attend a wine tasting at Fleming's Steakhouse. We had a blast tasting bottles we had never had, sipping on some old favorites, and enjoying some delicious hor d'oeuvres. 50 of the 100 wines that Fleming's offers by the glass were uncorked for the night, so the options were endless. We stuck with tasting mainly whites, but the reds looked just as delicious. It was such a fun night out with my mom!
Fleming's has been a family favorite of ours since they opened a restaurant in Birmingham several years ago. Steven and I celebrated our first anniversary at Fleming's last year, and it is one of our favorite places to go for birthday dinners. However, Fleming's isn't just for celebratory dinners. They also have a fantastic happy hour. I love meeting up with girlfriend's for happy hour drinks and small plates. We always have the best time catching up and sipping on wine!
One of my favorite things about Fleming's is there wine menu. The choices are endless! I love that the wine menu is presented on a tablet. With so many options it's easy to get overwhelmed, but their virtual wine list is easy to navigate and read. Steven isn't a big wine fan, but he is a huge fan of their steaks. Talk about delicious! We have never had a meal at Fleming's that we haven't loved. My mouth is watering just thinking about the menu!

Do you have a Fleming's Steakhouse near you? Fleming's would like to give one lucky reader the chance to win a $100 gift card to their restaurant. Enter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

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Thank you Fleming's Steakhouse for hosting my mom and I at the One Summer Wine Tasting Event and for sponsoring this post and giveaway. As always, all reviews and opinions are my own. 


Charlie Beth || 9 Month

These days it seems like every month goes by a little bit quicker than the month before. The more I will time to slow down, the faster you seem to be growing up. The other day I caught myself looking through my phone at pictures from your first few weeks of life. You were so tiny! While I miss seeing you that little, I absolutely love watching you grow and learn every day. I'm amazed by you every single day.
We had your nine month well visit at the doctor's office this week. You weigh 21.3 lbs (75%) and are standing so very tall at 29.5 inches (95%). You get that height from your daddy! You are wearing anything from 12 to 18 months and are still in size 3 diapers. You're growing by the minute, kid!
This was certainly a month of milestones, and you hit a huge one right before you turned 9 months. The week before we celebrated your ninth month of life you took your first steps! We were at your Nana and Papa's lake house visiting with family when you decided to show off your skills for the first time. I caught it on camera, and I'm so happy that I did! I can't believe my little baby is already WALKING!
You are chatting up a storm these days and are so close to saying your first words! As much as I was hoping that first word would be "Mama," I don't think it's going to happen for me. You're much closer to saying Dada, Yaya, and Nana. According to your dad and two grandmothers you have already said their names, but I'm not counting it quite yet. ;)
You now have 6 teeth now, and I love when you flash a big ole' smile to show them off!You are using those teeth of yours to chomp down on some food. You're now strictly on table foods, and you love just about anything I put in front of you. I'm amazed most nights at how much your dinner looks like a toddler meal. It just reaffirms to me how quickly you're growing. Some of your favorite foods include: eggs, spaghetti, mac n cheese, avocado, turkey, sweet potato, and baked beans. You certainly love your carbs. Like Mother like, daughter, right? :)
You spent a ton of time at the lake this month visiting family. You even met some of your family for the first time! We had so much fun making lifelong memories with your aunts, uncles, and cousins. You, little girl, are already such a lake girl! I can't wait to watch you grow up on the water. If you Daddy has his way, you're going to be skiing by the age of three.
We've made some strides in the sleep department. Although you still wake up 3-5 times a night, you are now officially sleeping in your own crib! It was such a hard transition to get you to fall asleep in your crib, but with some hard work and persistence, we did it. Next stop, sleeping through the night! You actually did sleep through the night for the first time ever a few weeks ago. I was crossing my fingers and toes that you had finally turned that corner, but no such luck. We'll get there one day! Mama may be exhausted now, but I know I'll miss these days when they are over.
Some of your favorite things this month include: playing with your dogs, walking around the house holding onto mommy's hand, playing with your toys in your playroom, making a mess, napping in your car seat, getting into anything and everything.
You are one of a kind, Charlie Beth, and Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to call you our little girl. We love you more than you'll ever know! Please don't grow up so fast, ok?


Dreaming Of Fall Weather With Burt's Bees Baby

It may be August in Alabama, but that doesn't mean that we aren't dreaming of the crisp, fall days ahead. The vibrant colors of the leaves falling from the trees, the sound of football on tv, the aroma of pumpkin flavored everything, and mostly, the fashion. What's not to love about Fall?
Charlie Beth and I are preparing for the upcoming season the best way know how, by making room in our closets for new clothes! I could shop non-stop for this little girl. Clothes are just so much more fun when they come in mini-size. When Burt's Bees Baby sent us these adorable clothes I couldn't wait to have Charlie Beth try them on. I mean, how adorable are these dresses? And do they come in my size? 

The quality of these organic baby clothes are unlike anything I have felt. They are just so incredibly soft! Charlie Beth is going to stay looking stylish and feeling comfortable all season long in her adorable new outfits from Burt's Bees Baby
Have you checked out the Burt's Bees Baby Fall 2016 line yet? Whether your little ones are heading back to school or just trying to grow their fall wardrobe, there is something for every occasion.